Your words can encourage missionaries making heroic acts to share Christ’s love


Your words can travel around the world and encourage the RUN Global team members who take big risks every day in the name of Christ. When you write and submit a message below, it will be sent to encourage native missionaries in South Asia.


Here are stories from a few of our 250 native missionaries who need your support:



The Village of Gothigau

The people in Gothigau saw their entire village destroyed by fire — 

they even lost their cattle and hay.


Our native missionaries took daring steps to help — they carried 29 bags

 of rice over two hours to help feed the people of Gothigau.



Baptism & Persecution

Once our missionaries have led someone to accept Christ, RUN Global 

encourages that new believer to be baptized as a way to identify with 

Jesus Christ.


Unfortunately, South Asian Christians are persecuted for their faith. But 

that hasn’t stopped our missionaries from seeing a rise in the number 

of baptisms!



The Baby in Mahendranagar

Many of our team members aren’t just heroes for a moment or a day. 

One Native Missionary in Mahendranagar found an abandoned one-week 

old baby girl and knew what she had to do.


Our teammate took that baby home to her family, raised and loved her, 

and that little girl is now in fourth grade.

Your message today will be sent with this video, acknowledging and affirming 

the heroic acts and risks these native missionaries take each day.

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