The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world and has impacted everyone. In under-developed countries the pandemic has meant job loss and income loss which turns into food loss. Many people have chosen suicide instead of starving to death. It is a crucial time to help save people from their hunger and to introduce them to Jesus!

RUN Global is utilizing our 170 team members to distribute food aid to starving people in India and Nepal. Of those receiving this food aid, 70% of join a Discovery Bible Study. These Discovery Bible Studies teach them about our Creator from Creation to Christ. They learn about their savior! Our records have also shown that 20% of those non-believers will become Christians and 20% of those Discovery Bible Studies will become churches. These Hindus were closed to the message of Christ, but God is using this crisis with food relief to open new doors for the Gospel. 


We have a short window to be the hands and feet of Christ and serve the lost with food.  We help meet their practical needs and teach them about their spiritual needs in Christ!  


We can use your support to expand our reach. We have many members in our churches in Nepal and India that would help with food distribution and leading these Discovery Bible Studies, but we need more funding. We need to buy more food. Will you help us RUN faster? Will you help us save these Hindus?


My name is Toni and I am a widow. My husband died by hanging 3 months ago because he lost his job due to the lockdown.


We are facing many problems  in the Lockdown. Some times we don't have any money for family needs but one day Pastor Manoj came in my house and was sharing the Bible stories with me and then provided me rice, cooking oil, salt, lentils, and soap. He told me this gift for you is from the Run Global team and loving donors. I am praying for you and your children.


God bless you. I am thankful to those who donated for me.