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Acts 2 Communities Shaking Their Nations

RUN Global succeeds powerfully because it is a leadership development organization. We train ordinary people JUST LIKE YOU to become extraordinary. Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ? Your thoughts may have matched those of our native missionaries, like “I can’t be a leader because . . . ”

  • I don’t stand tall, but many leaders were short in stature including Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria, slave abolitionist William Wilberforce, Gandhi, and the apostle Paul
  • I’m not attractive, but when we think of “homely” Abraham Lincoln, or President Truman with his thick glasses or a sickly, uncoordinated Winston Churchill, a weak man who struggled lifelong with depression, we think of spectacular leadership
  • I’m not smart or well educated, but it’s heart, not smart
  • I’m not well spoken, but many great leaders have been ordinary or introverted speakers, for example, Moses and Paul
  • I’m poor . . . I’m struggling with sin . . . I was raised badly by family . . . I’ve failed at leading so often, but it’s true that countless military, government and civic leaders failed many times before succeeding—Ghandi was an attorney so fearful of public speaking he choked in his first court appearance, refunded his client and found her a different attorney, before leading India to independence!

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”  

Everyone Can Be a Leader

What Holds You Back?

We ask the RUN Global trainees, “What holds you back from leadership?” We unblock them and help them overcome. You can overcome also, by starting with knowing what makes a great leader:

  • Depth of commitment (see Romans 9:1-3)
  • Relationship with Jesus, including prayer and Bible study (Psalm 63:1)
  • Hunger to learn more (Psalm 119:148; Acts 17:11)
  • Clear thinking through discussing topics with others, which develops persuasiveness, the ability to convince others
  • Love for fellow disciples (John 13:34)

A great coach like Jesus, the master coach who coached most closely Peter, James and John, changing them from stumblers into influential leaders and New Testament teachers. Likewise, Timothy was closest to Paul and was coached into great leadership.

Relationships are built on trust, and a track record of faithfulness and honesty. This is why RUN Global stresses integrity in all discipling relationships.

Relationships are built on communication. Open communication with your coach or mentor will accelerate your growth, as it does our missionaries!

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