Have you considered becoming a Life Changer?

Join RUN Global’s Exclusive Group of Monthly Givers

Why Become a Life Changer?

This special group of individuals commit to give regularly so that RUN Global can plan expansion strategies to share the gospel and train those committed to sharing the good news with their fellow countrymen.  

Sustained Impact

Monthly giving provides a stable foundation for our mission. By joining Life Changers, you become a cornerstone of our efforts, and it allows us to plan, expand, and sustain our transformative initiatives throughout the year.

Uninterrupted Support

Life Changers ensure that vital projects, like our 3-level training, mosquito net distributions, and Picture Bible campaigns, receive consistent funding. Your monthly commitment guarantees an uninterrupted flow of resources, empowering us to make a lasting impact on communities in need.

Amplify Your Influence

Regular contributions, no matter the size, accumulate into a powerful force for change. As a Life Changer, you multiply your influence and become part of a collective effort that reaches further and impacts more lives than ever before.

Connection and Insider Updates

Life Changers are an integral part of our community. Enjoy exclusive insights, updates, and behind-the-scenes stories that showcase the direct impact of your contributions. You’ll be at the forefront of our mission, witnessing the tangible results of your ongoing support.

Effortless Giving

Life Changers automate their generosity, making it convenient and hassle-free. Monthly giving allows you to effortlessly support our cause and ensures that your commitment remains steadfast, even in the midst of life’s busy demands.

HELP us reach the unreached

Partner with us to share the Gospel with the billions of precious souls who have never heard of Jesus.