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Starting your own T4T group and Church Planting Movement

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Here are several documents that will inspire you to both support RUN Global’s mission as well as to own it in your own life.

RUN’s entire strategy is geared to follow the New Testament pattern. We use anything we can from paper and pen to modern communications, but mostly in-person gospel presentations, many thousands of them weekly. And we coach and train while providing financial support to the needy. Our other hallmark besides a firm adherence to evangelism is accountability, as we rigorously confirm the testimonies and progress reported by our native missionaries, so you feel secure with your generous contributions.

As of today, we have over 250 full-time native missionaries, placed in strategic cities to serve as training centers for their nations. And those we support and train now lead over 1200 “Training for Trainers” (T4T) groups that lead to more T4Ts and church plants in South Asia. In 2020 alone, our trainees presented the gospel to 600,000 people and had over 12,000 unbelievers in weekly Discovery Bible Study groups, a number that now stands at over 13,000!

Biblical Basis for CPM & T4T

Mike’s personal position for why the Bible supports the evangelistic model for RUN Global.

Vision Casting Stories

Mike shares 18 stories from the New Testament that will get you fired up for evangelism, mission, and the Great Commission.

Immediate Follow-up of New Believers

AOBLTGH: Assurance; Opposition; Baptism; List; Testimony; Gospel; House. These are the 8 action steps that we teach all of our trainers to teach to new believers.

Ten Commands of Christ

In conjunction with the AOBLTGH steps, these are ten fundamental teachings and exhortations from Jesus. We teach our trainers and new believers to adopt these quickly.

T4T Curriculum

HELP us reach the unreached

Partner with us to share the Gospel with the billions of precious souls who have never heard of Jesus.