Who We Are!

The Book of Acts outlines the planting of churches in key cities and regions through the conversion and subsequent training of the local Christians. These churches became training centers that created local Christians that reach their own culture and people group.

The letters to various churches and Christians at large were the Apostles guiding and instructing them to be the light in their nation and not a narrative about the Apostles being the source of spreading the Word. RUN’s entire strategy is geared to follow that path.

With the modern methods of communication, we can provide significantly more efficient guidance and training as well as financial support to the people in country to support their efforts. In addition, to providing the resources for our in-country missionaries we rigorously confirm the testimonies and progress that is being reported to ensure that your contributions are being effective and to maintain the integrity who we work with.

Today we have over 180 full time workers that are leading over 400 T4T groups and sharing the Gospel with over 20,000 people each week.

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