RUN Global's Beginnings

God is Moving Overseas

RUN Global President Mike Keator writes,

In 2008, I took my first mission trip to India. With great joy, I discovered India is not an impossible country to reach, where people are friendly and open to hear the gospel.

A few months after that first visit I started RUN Global to become a missions force, with the primary emphasis on instructing everyone to trust Jesus Christ for salvation. My wife Su and I moved to India, partnering with nationals and raising new native missionaries to reach their own unreached culture.

In just three years’ time, we trained 13,000 pastors and believers to multiply their lives and their churches. And based on our survey reporting, by 2012, these 13,000 were on track to share the gospel with not less than one million people, in 2012 in the north India states of Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir!  

God is doing great things since that time and through today. RUN Global has more than 3,000 believers in our training groups and supports a growing army of over 280 native missionaries in 24 teams across northern India and Nepal. 

Thank you for partnering with us at RUN Global!

— Mike


Significant events in RUN Global’s Development and Progress


2008: Mike and Su’s first mission trip to India
We discovered that India is reachable, and sensed God’s call to move to India and help our  Indian brothers and sisters start church planting movements (CPMs)

2009: Mike and Su moved to India
We began starting churches and training thousands of believers to start churches that give birth to generations of churches.

2013: Expanding the work in Nepal
With a team in place in India, Mike and Su moved to Nepal to develop training centers across the nation. In the next few years national missionaries launched out from one training center to start another and this strategy accelerated to 24 training centers and growing.

2020 – 2022: The Future
God brought together an administrative team of highly skilled partners to refine our development, technology and operations strategies.  This team is positioning us to be more efficient and effective in reaching the world for Christ.    

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