Evangelism Training

Because all believers should share their faith, all believers must be trained to do so, to the point that they are competent and confident that they can. This training will not be effective unless it is ongoing, with the trainees setting goals and reporting on their progress and results. There must be ongoing encouragement and coaching from a leader and peers to motivate the believer to keep going and improve his witness.

It is not what is expected that gets done, but what is inspected. Sermons about evangelism are not enough. Training events are not enough. Classes are not enough. Habits take several weeks to form. A life-style of sharing one’s faith will not become habitual without ongoing training, coaching, peer accountability, and living in a church or team culture where the rank and file believers share their faith regularly. Emotion is no substitute for action, and action is no substitute for reproduction. Reproduction of life long effective witnesses is the fastest and best way to fulfill the great commission.

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