The World, Our Goal

How to Quickly Help Fulfill Jesus's Great Commission

Are we willing to let another generation go to Hell without Jesus Christ, without hearing the gospel? We cannot. The T4T training process is the fastest way to reach this generation. “Training for Trainers” (T4T) may be different than your usual, but we at RUN Global encourage you to try it, including the details shared at this website. RUN Global has gone from a few members to over half-a-million gospel presentations annually, in person, using T4T!

Again, T4T may be different than what you’re used to, but you just might end up loving it. Su Keator, spouse of RUN Global’s President, remembers her nervous feelings over starting her first T4T group, because the plan seemed different from what she was used to. But she moved in faith and now loves T4T! Her own Indian and Nepali disciples are leading hundreds of T4T groups today, presenting the gospel to countless thousands of people!

T4T groups really are “Great Commission groups”, as they are the fastest way to fulfill the Great Commission to disciple everyone, everywhere.

HELP us reach the unreached

Partner with us to share the Gospel with the billions of precious souls who have never heard of Jesus.