Vetting Team Members and Validating Reports


Vetting Potential Team Members

RUN Global currently supports around 200 full time indigenous evangelists /trainers /church planters. Everyone is brought on as a trainee on a trial basis. They enter into the training phase where they are taught Bible truth and methodology in two classes per day. In between classes they are out in the field paired with seasoned team members to observe how they share the gospel, how they follow up new believers, and how they start and lead T4T training groups. We study their weekly and monthly reports and their weekly test scores. If they work and study hard, pass the tests, and are fruitful and productive, we officially support them. If not we don’t keep them. Each team is like an apostolic team, the goal being to lead many to Christ, disciple them and start new churches with them.

Validating Reports

We hear of reports coming out of India of huge numbers of people coming to Christ, and huge numbers of churches being started. We wish they were all true but have been on the ground long enough to know some of the reports cannot be trusted. If every report was true India would have already been reached many times over. In contrast we work hard at insuring our reports are true and honest. We employ report checkers who call the group members to check on the existence and quality of the groups. They don’t call the leaders, they call the attendees using a 12 question survey to find out the veracity of the reports. If anyone is false reporting he is let go. If anyone is caught subverting the checking process he is let go. In this way we keep the quality high and the reports true.

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