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Ryan & Laura Stahl

Ryan & Laura Stahl and their five children live in Yuma, AZ. Ryan serves full-time with RUN Global. Ryan works as the Operations Director and does many tasks including: teaching the teams weekly, overseeing the reporting process, working with our new CRM, Office 365 Admin, website admin, quality control, social media, content developer, and many other tasks.

As a family, they have been effective in evangelizing the many Mexican Spanish speakers in their community. In 2021, they were knocking on doors and praying for people and sharing the Gospel in Somerton, AZ. In 7 months, they were able to knock on every door of this small town of 16,000 people. They are now evangelizing / praying for people in San Luis, AZ. This city is twice the size of Somerton and is right on the US/Mexico border.

RUN Global – RUN stands for Reaching the Unreached Now. There are over 1.8 billion people in South Asia that have never heard the name of Jesus. RUN Global works to change that equation by equipping and encouraging local missionaries to reach their nations for Christ.

They are reaching their nations by evangelizing and training other Christians to be effective in their witness. Training groups start that start further training groups. New churches are also started, that in turn start other churches.

Ryan & Laura Stahl and their 5 children, lived in Minnesota for many years, where Ryan worked as an engineer and served as a bi-vocational pastor at a local church.

In 2018 God started stirring their hearts for the persecuted church. There are many Christians around the world that suffer dearly for believing in Jesus. They truly have counted the costs to follow Him.

This stirring prompted us to start selling our possessions and giving to organizations to provide Bibles or finances to support them. Our whole family was involved, even our kids were selling Lego sets to purchase chickens or goats for our Christian brothers and sisters.

In early 2019, God prompted us further and asked us, “what is stopping you from going overseas to serve with them?”. We started contacting agencies to see where the needs were, and who would take us.

I had been on the RUN Global email list for several years and was aware of Mike & Su’s work in South Asia. I emailed Mike and let him know how God was stirring us and I wondered if we could be assistance to him.

After several conversations, he said, “why don’t you come? I want you to find your place in ministry.” Fast forward a few months, we had sold our house, I had resigned from my engineering job and in October 2019 we were on a plane to South Asia.

We lived and served in Nepal for 3 months and India for 3 months. We were encouraged, enlightened, and excited to see what God was doing there. It was a joy to encourage our team members to reach their nations for Christ.

In April of 2020, due to VISA requirements and COVID, we came back to the US. We traveled and visited many churches in our network to encourage them in their faith, especially in these end days.

We spent about seven months in California and that is where we started knocking on doors to pray for people. This is where we noticed that the Mexican people were very open to the Gospel. They have a strong Catholic background. They love God and they know the Bible is God’s word, but they just don’t know the truth. That is the main reason we moved to Yuma, so we could reach more Mexicans.

Please pray for open hearts and that God can be effective through our, less-than perfect, Spanish.

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