Millions of children need a Bible in South Asia

Give the gospel message to them today

Hundreds of millions of children across Nepal and India are hungry for the truth and hope that only the gospel can provide. However, the picture Bibles we use to clearly and effectively share this life-changing message with them in their own language are a constant expense for us and our team.

Please give generously today and donate picture Bibles to our missionary teams so they can continue stoking a spiritual revolution among the youth in India and Nepal.

Jesus felt the urgency to get the gospel to as many as possible as fast as possible. We feel that same urgency and impart it to our 250 full time evangelists, and they impart it to their thousands of disciples. That is why they had over 13,000 not-yet-believers in their Discovery Bible Storying groups last week and will have hundreds more next week. That is why we have 23 teams scattered across Nepal and the least reached parts of North India.

As governments intensify crack downs on churches our team members carry on never knowing when they will be beaten or arrested and jailed. They get the gospel to as many as they can, they feed the hungry, they cast out demons, they start new churches and endure persecution, all for modest support.

We can’t think of a better investment on earth than supporting these dear saints. Thank you for your generous and sacrificial gifts that keep them moving forward! 

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