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Shristi Shresta

My name is Shristi. I used to worry about how to make my future bright. Then one day I heard about a Run Global training event. I attended and I liked it very much so I joined a Run Global team. I got the opportunity to learn many things. I learned how to share the gospel to non-Christian people and how to lead them to the Lord. In Run Global I have experienced a variety of ministries and got an education which changed my life a lot.

I began to spend most of my time with God. I got opportunities to share the gospel in different ways in different areas and also learned how to make strong disciples. I put all my problems, worries and anxieties in God’s hand.

Then God really took everything I had in my heart and mind. I felt free, happy and peaceful, and I became closer to God. I keep telling people what God did in my life. I encourage a lot of people to cast their worries on God. After listening to my testimony they feel peace.

Run Global and the experience of working on a team has completely changed my life and the oppressive thoughts I had in the past. It also deepened my spiritual life. Run Global has been a great help in bringing me closer to God and spiritual maturity. I am very happy to be doing ministry with Run Global and I want to say thank you to God and our Run Global teams.

 (Shristi is now a co-leader of another Nepal team with Brother Roshan. The team has 26 team members. Their team has 1448 not-yet-believers in their Discovery Bible Study Groups)

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