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Cults Infest Nations Overseas, Too

American Christians tend to think of religious cults as faraway things from daily life, that affect only the mentally distressed, and somewhere else. But in South Asia, cults are on the rise and hearts and minds are being quickly captured by cults—or the gospel with your help.

For an example, RUN Global’s President, Mike Keator, recalled one occasion he was enjoying a ride on a “Tempo”, an electric bus, after a house church meeting in Biratnagar, Nepal. Mike was witnessing to the driver, who spoke English well, when several fellows in the back of the bus said they were Christians and on their way to a church meeting.

These men seemed friendly and were obviously enthusiastic. Mike accepted an invitation to their church, only to find they were members of a cult with bizarre doctrine, the World Mission Society Church of God, based in Korea. This cult features a Mother Goddess alongside their Father God figure, wolves in sheep’s clothing indeed (Matthew 7).

Mike was met at the “church” door by cult leaders, who said they could prove a Mother God from the Bible, but he had heard this false doctrine before, and felt he would have little fruit while staying on their turf. So he returned to his room, praying for the Lord to help RUN Global outpace these cults.

The World Mission Society cult is growing rapidly in South Asia, and tends to prey on Christians who are weak in God’s Word. Cultists have even been found following behind the RUN Global team members as they evangelize, boldly entering into local homes to snatch believers away from the true gospel!

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RUN Global employs hundreds of native missionaries overseas to get the gospel to the unreached in Asia. And though it is certain that many Christians will be persecuted by Hindus and Muslims, particularly as they are publicly baptized to renounce faith in all other gods and to proclaim the saving power of Jesus Christ, we are baptizing many (joyful, grateful) converts regardless!

Jesus said, “Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:38). RUN Global really needs your prayer!

  1. Pray we can outrun these cults by putting more workers in the field!
  2. Pray we can get more leaders raised up so we can deploy more teams of evangelists!
  3. Pray believers will catch the RUN Global and biblical vision to multiply generations of leaders and generations of churches!

Thank you sincerely for your prayer and dollar support.

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