April 2024

Make a Special Gift to Support our CPM Training Events

Our 180+ team members and their 2500 disciples are training more and more people to be effective in training others. These new trainers will then start more training groups, more evangelism will happen, more salvations with come. Their nation can be reached with your help! A special gift this month will support these three-level training events across Nepal and northern India.

If you would like to get an idea of what a CPM Level 1 training event looks like, take a look at the video! 

Bold Faith in the Midst of Persecution

We told you the story last month about Alina and Rohit who faced harassment and persecution from a fanatical Hindu. This Hindu argued with them and told them they couldn’t convert people to Christianity.

Shortly after this event and a few days after the video went viral on Facebook, our Operations Director interviewed them to check up on them and to provide some encouragement. 

No Permit to Assemble So They Took the Assembly to the Streets

…….Since the rally was cancelled, our team members took it upon themselves to take the rally to the streets. They borrowed a loudspeaker from a friend and rented a rickshaw for about 3 hours. They proceeded to drive around town making several stops to share the gospel, distribute gospel tracts, and New Testaments. 

How To Get Ministry Accomplished Through Your Disciples

From Mike Keator:

Dear Partners in reaching the world,

Last week I taught nearly 200 team members this study of some of the greatest leaders ever, to help them multiply generations of gospel workers. They are currently training 2615 Christians through whom we will reach over a million people this year. Take a look at our strategy. You may gain insights you can apply to your ministry!