No Permit to Assemble So They Took the Assembly to the Streets

Good Friday Service on the Streets

Some of our team members and the local Christian society wanted to have a large assembly on Good Friday. They went to the local government to get permission from the government. The request was denied so they cancelled the rally. We aren’t exactly sure why the request was denied, but as recent as three months ago there was a city-wide curfew due to some violence between some Hindus and Muslims.

Since the rally was cancelled, our team members took it upon themselves to take the rally to the streets. They borrowed a loudspeaker from a friend and rented a rickshaw for about 3 hours. They proceeded to drive around town making several stops to share the gospel, distribute gospel tracts, and New Testaments. 

No Direct Opposition to the Event

For this event, they also had some youth join from a local church to sing some songs, and afterwards our team members preached.

It is a creative way to get the gospel out and to let everyone know that Jesus died for our sins and conquered the grave. 3 hours of time and 1200 ($8.97) rupees to rent the rickshaw.

Even though the group was denied a permit to assembly by the local Nepal government, the team didn’t get any direct opposition from people. There were some that ignored the preaching stating that “our country is a Hindu country.” Opposition to the message of the cross is normal in that part the world. Many people in the Hindu dominated countries believe that Christianity is a foreign religion and that they are Hindu’s and don’t want to believe. 

Keep Being Faithful

But as Christians we are commanded to go and to share. Christ does the work. He either opens eyes or he doesn’t. We just need to be faithful with the message.

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