Running hard for Christ, but getting slowed down by the bus!

A Message from Our Team Members

The challenges faced for our team members to get to their churches and their T4T discipleship groups, reliably and on-time slows the spread of God’s great news! We want to RUN faster to get the news spread further!

We have offered gifts and loans to some team members in the past, but we would like to do more. The impact this has had for our team members can be understood from their own words.

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You Can Help Us RUN Faster and Further!

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In Nepal there are many challenges in everyday life. One of the challenges is related to transportation. In general, the country is economically poor and motorized vehicle ownership is out of reach for most people. 

If you live in a large city public transportation like buses and taxis are readily available. But in the more rural locations or in mountainous regions, the options are few and far between. 

This leaves little options except to walk. When you are an organization like RUN Global that is RUNNING to get the gospel out as fast as possible, waiting around at a bus stop reduces the available time in reaching new people and sharing about Jesus.

of team members have a motorbike or scooter.
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You Can See the Transportation Issues Highlighted in the Video

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What do the Numbers Say?

More Gospel Shares per Year

We have 188 team member and only 54 of them have a motorbike or scooter. On average those with a motorbike lead 2.26 more T4T groups, they train 7.1 more people, they lead 1.89 more churches with 28.4 more people in those churches.

What would happen if we could enable more people to get motorbikes? If we got 70 more motorbikes that would equate to 140 more T4T groups, 500 more people getting trained and those same people are out evangelizing. It would equate to 180,000 more gospel shares in one year!

We Are RUNNING Hard!

At RUN Global we are RUNNING hard and fast, at least as fast as we can to reach people with the gospel. But with the limited transportation options, our team members are wasting valuable time walking from place to place or waiting for the bus to come. 

We would like to RUN faster and one way we can do that is to help our team members purchase motorbikes and scooters. The cost is high to purchase them in Nepal, and that is where we and you come in to play.

We can offer our team members a gift of $400 and a loan of $400. This will help defray the $2000 cost of the motorbike. The team member would still need to save up to be able to pay the rest of the cost.

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