Challenges of Spreading the Gospel in Nepal!

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The gospel is delayed while waiting for the bus.

Motorbikes help evangelists go farther and faster with the gospel. In Nepal there are challenges to everyday life. One of the challenges is related to transportation. In general the country is economically poor and most people don’t own a motorized vehicle. If you live in a large city public transportation like buses and taxis are readily available. But in the more rural locations or in mountainous regions, the options are fewer and far between.

This leaves little options except to walk. When you are an organization like RUN Global that is RUNNING to get the gospel out as fast as possible, waiting around at a bus stop reduces the available time in reaching new people and sharing about Jesus.

Motorbikes also allow our team members to have a great impact at a great distance. Please pray that we can help our team members to purchase motorbikes.

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