We put all our resources into winning the lost
and training new evangelists and trainers.

Jesus said, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the peoples (ethne), and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14


There are 16,453 “Ethno-politico-linguistic” people groups in the world. Initial evangelism has begun in about 10,000 of them. That leaves 6,453 people groups yet to evangelize. But this is doable! With a growing missions force, streaming and downloadable audio scriptures in nearly 6000 languages, and Jesus films available in over 1000 languages, finishing this task is not impossible! RUN Global exists to help the body of Christ finish the task.

Upon prayer, commitment, and baptism, new Christians are quickly taught how to share their story and the Christian message to their friends and family.

Mission team getting ready to go share the gospel.

RUN Global's founder and president was a member of an evangelistic/church planting team that in 1970 launched the Great Commission movement that has spread across the United States and parts of five continents.


In 2009 they started RUN Global specifically to activate and mobilize the body of Christ to RUN to finish the task of reaching the world with the gospel of Christ. RUN stands for Reach the Unreached NOW! At RUN Global, we believe the Great Commission task can be finished in our lifetime, if we RUN!


In 2009 they catalyzed a church planting movement in India that is seeing thousands of people saved, and trained to reach others. Now they are in another Asian nation catalyzing more church planting movements.


RUN Global is a member ministry of the Great Commission Churches Association (www.gccweb.org) and partners with all Christians in the body of Christ 

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