"Training for Trainers"

T4T: Like TNT for the Gospel!

Training for trainers was developed by IMB missionaries Ying & Grace Kai during their time in China. This powerful tool has resulted in millions of people hearing the Gospel. Mike received Training for Trainers (T4T) and Church Planting Movement (CPM) training in Siliguri, India, and more in New Delhi, and in Thailand.

From 2009 through 2011 Mike trained Punjabi pastors to be T4T trainers and together they taught and trained 13,000 pastors and believers in Punjab, Haryana, and Jammu Kashmir. Through surveys he learned that those they trained were on track to reach 1 million people in the 2012.

Since 2008 RUN Global has shared the gospel with over 11 million people. Currently RUN Global supported workers and their disciples are reaching nearly 20,000 each week with the gospel. In 2023 RUN Global reached over One Million

The Biblical Basis for T4T

A Church Planting Movement (CPM) is a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting other churches that sweep across a people group or population segment. CPM’s are growing now around the world and the CPM that Ying Kai and his partners started in China, also called a “T4T movement” is the fastest-growing CPM recorded in history!

RUN Global Embraces and Embodies Evangelism and Discipleship

RUN Global follows Biblical truths and principles that are foundations of the T4T training process which RUN Global has adopted.

Evangelism Training

Because all believers should share their faith, all believers must be trained to do so, to the point that they are competent and confident that they can. This training will not be effective unless it is ongoing, with the trainees setting goals and reporting on their progress and results. There must be ongoing encouragement and coaching from a leader and peers to motivate the believer to keep going and improve his witness.

Teaching All Believers to Obey the Commands of Jesus Christ

Jesus wants his believers to obey him and to teach others to obey his commands too!

Leadership Development

“Training for Trainers” (T4T) is not just an evangelism and discipleship process but leadership development. 2 Timothy 2:2 “ . . . Teach others who will teach still others in return” was written from one apostle to another, for the greatest need in this world is godly servant leaders.

Vetting Team Members and Validating Reports

Integrity is important. RUN Global interviews and supports workers as trainees until we can see their work and verify their results.

Church Planting

T4T groups can become churches, or cluster to become churches, and many do. A church, according to the New Testament is simply . . . Believers gathered in the name of Jesus! (Matthew 18:20)

The Biblical Basis for the 7 Parts of the T4T Meeting

RUN Global’s T4T groups run 1 1/2 hours weekly on average and consist of 7 parts.

The World is Our Goal

Keep in mind over 2 Billion people have never heard the gospel! How are we to reach the unreached in our lifetime?

HELP us reach the unreached

Partner with us to share the Gospel with the billions of precious souls who have never heard of Jesus.