We Are Spreading Christianity Across the World

Dear partners,

Since 1969 Su and I have been spreading Christianity across America then North India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. We preached the gospel and helped start churches in Pueblo CO, Kansas City MO, Lawrence KS, Ames Iowa, Columbus OH, College Park MD, Towson MD, Reynoldsburg OH, Tempe, Mesa, and Ahwatukee AZ, then across Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal, India, Bangladesh and thirty cities in Nepal. We have borne witness for Jesus Christ in Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou, China.

Su and I were both saved from our sins in 1965. We dedicated our hearts to world mission in 1970. Today we are teaching and coaching twenty-two teams of indigenous missionaries across Nepal and parts of India. We are loved and supported by our 8 children and their spouses, and 39 grandchildren.

“My dream is that from R.U.N. Global’s network of teams across Nepal, new mission teams will soon burst forth into Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Thailand, Pakistan and beyond.”

Our team is comprised of...

  • A board of directors of seasoned pastors, evangelists and missionaries that are fully behind us in our all-out efforts to reach this world for our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Hundreds of financial supporters who give faithfully and sacrificially in our partnership to reach this world for Christ. We have indigenous candidates waiting to be interviewed, vetted, and trained for full time missionary service in Asia.
  • Veteran pastors including Tom Short, Doug Brown, and Ryan Stahl who teach our teams God’s Word weekly in Nepal and India.

Through our Indian and Nepalese teams 20,000 people a week hear about Jesus in face-to-face gospel shares. We have already reached more than 650,000 people in 2023.

We can train and deploy a full time native missionary for $200 a month. This missionary on average will share the gospel with 100 people a week, and their disciples even more.

Some churches in America spend $5000 to get one person saved. We spend about $38.50 to get one person saved. We just need more money to train and deploy native missionaries.

A note from Mike...

In last month’s newsletter we quoted an author, that we later found out was associated with the health and wealth gospel movement. We didn’t know of his affiliation, and had we known we would not have quoted and promoted him. We regret it, please forgive us.

As I said, people are waiting in line to be vetted, trained, and deployed. We just need the funding to move ahead with them. Will you help us get them trained and on the mission field? Let’s get this great commission fulfilled, okay? Please give all you can to help us fulfill the Great Commission.

Yours for reaching the world,

Mike and Su Keator

Do you want to help support our teams as they keep reaching the lost?

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